Bracco Bosca Ombú

The Ombú is a native tree from Uruguay and Argentina.

Its original name Umbú comes from Pampa language that means shadow, and it is well know for providing shelter from the sun and the rain to the men.

It generally grows isolated, but it is in our country, in Rocha, where you can find the biggest forest filled with Ombú, a unique one around the whole world due to its extension of 20 km.

Bracco Bosca winery was founded in 2005 but its vineyards have been in the family for 5 generations. Originally from Piedmont, Italy, the family moved to Uruguay and established in Atlántida region to continue the wine tradition.

This land was located in front of the main house where already vineyards existed, and was the base for construction of the much-desired winery.

In that exact place was an Ombú, standing alone and magnificent, just how they are. Family stories say that the "Gallegos" had a farm general store on the property and since they were afraid of depositing their savings in the bank they would hide it under the Ombu in a pot full of gold.

That's why when someone would go shopping the family would joke that they got the money from the Ombu.

This tree is very susceptible to lightning, so a couple years ago it was struck during a thunderstorm. So the family would joke that it served as a lightning rod due to all the metal hidden under the tree.

A couple of years later we have seen this tree coming back to life bringing us an important emotional and personal meaning.

Today more than ever we are convinced that the real treasure is our land and wines, which throughout a wise task of bottling nature, lets us share it with you.

With Love,
Fabiana Bracco